Brian Cheney

Beam Me Up Scotty


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boldly going where no opera
has gone before!


Read what the critics are saying about
Brian Cheney in a STAR TREK parody
of Mozart's Abduction from The Seraglio

Broadway World.Com
Living Out Loud Los Angeles
"Spot on acting and crystal clear powerful voice"
Huffington Post
"Ham-bone supreme"
LA Splash Magazine
"A beautiful voice, which he melds happily with his campy and funny portrayal of Captain Kirk"
Listen for Life
"One also can't possibly imagine this production and concept ever succeeding without tenor Brian Cheney's totally over-the-top, perfect parody of Willam Shatner's original version of Captain Kirk (named Captain James T Belmonte in this Mozart opera version). Mr Cheney, if he had never taken voice lessons or discovered the joy of portraying all sorts and moods of music, might have become a comedic actor or stand up comedian: his sense of timing is brilliant. But thank goodness, he DID discover music and our world is all the richer for it. He sang gloriously and tossed off very difficult vocal passages in a nonchalant way while doing comedic acting that almost distracted the audience from noticing the sheer beauty and skill of what he was doing musically. He also had the clearest diction of all singers on the stage - we could understand every word he sang, without ever needing to look up at the screen. Hope to hear him again soon in some "serious" roles or recitals, which he already performs nationwide in places like Carnegie Hall and Avery Fischer Hall."
The Mercury News
"Tenor Brian Cheney has an elegant voice for Mozart and the endearingly hammy, Kirk-like demeanor for Belmonte. He strikes manly poses, stretches his spoken lines and makes frequent asides to the audience (he also does a brief, hilarious scene as Scotty, the "Star Trek" engineer.) But when he sings 'O wie angstlich,' it's gorgeous."
Stark Insider
"Brian Cheney anchored the cast as Captain Belmonte, in a preening, posing, slow-spoken parody of William Shatner. He checked his watch during his held notes, danced through his coloratura runs, ordered around the conductor, struggled to control his "beating, throbbing 'heart'", and directly demanded the audience's acclaim. Like most operatic tenors, he got away with it thanks to a bright, flexible voice well suited to the role. He also deserves a special mention for his disguise as a mechanic, complete with a red shirt and the worst Scottish accent I have ever heard."
"Clear, smooth-voiced tenor Brian Cheney, who was in the original Star Trek Mozart production, cheerfully nailed and exaggerated virtually all of the William Shatner acting eccentricities. There were his shoulders-cocked sideways strides, the oddly stilted speech and, of course, the studied stances and preening. There were even his trademark barrel-rolls."
The Geek Authority
"He was channeling the 'Shat' himself."
"Comic timing and over-emphasizing every syllable along with his constant expressions...made for an evening of pure comedy."
Pasadena Independent
"Cheney's overblown mannerisms really killed." San Francisco Chronicle
"Brian Cheney sang the role with plenty of freshness and ardor."
"(Cheney)sang with an even, warm tenor with incredible breath control. He took Captain Kirk's notorious bad acting to new levels, which the audience responded to with glee."

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